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Let's take back

the power

we've given to

the word cancer.

Say the word.

Just because you don’t have cancer doesn’t mean you’re not living with it.

Nearly everyone knows and cares about someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, but most of us still feel powerless to talk about it. It is a word that is loaded with fear, anxiety, and ignorance. We need a place where we can set those things aside, learn, and better understand what it means to live with cancer.

We can take back the power we’ve given the word “cancer.” We can start by not being afraid to say it.

Learn how

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Removing Barriers to Better Cancer Care

Famous South Dakotan Tom Brokaw’s experience with cancer at his remote Montana retreat raised perplexing questions about cancer care delivery in a rural setting. While an incredible depth of treatment resources is readily available at urban locations, what do people do when this care is hours away across the sprawling Northern Plains? Read More »

Cooking for Breast Cancer Prevention

Cooking and preparing healthy foods in your kitchen can be one of the best tools for breast cancer prevention. Lifestyle factors, including diet and exercise, play a significant role in prevention. “A woman can reduce her risk of breast cancer through simple steps like following a healthy diet, exercising and maintaining a normal weight,” said Julie Reiland, MD, breast surgeon with Avera Medical Group Comprehensive Breast Care. Read More »

New Hope Through Genomic Medicine

If looking at the statistics alone for her type and stage of cancer, few would have predicted that Dawn Timmer would experience the health and vitality she is today. But thanks to the grace of God and the wonders of genomic medicine, her latest scans have shown her body to be clear of cancer. Read More »

Learning to live with cancer will not give you cancer.

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Dr. Kathleen Schneekloth, Radiation Oncologist, treats lung cancer patients each day

Avera Marshall @AveraMarshall

Deb Baumann talks about the potential for the new Avera Cancer Institute Marshall.

Avera McKennan @AveraMcKennan

Lung cancer isn't the easiest disease to find in early stages, but CT scans have proven the most effective.

Avera Sacred Heart @AveraSHH

Doris Esparza refused to give in to her diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer.

Cure Fear @CureFear

.@ estimates for lung cancer in 2013 are: about 228,190 new cases of lung cancer (118,080 in men & 110,110in women)